New Building Rules

where to buy Keppra usa Effective immediately, we have initiated new Building Rules for players on Savage Lands of Hyboria. Please read these rules and ensure you are in compliance. We are allowing a few days for players to bring buildings and constructions in line with the new rules. Specfically, those who have placed a Wheel of Pain at a location outside of their designated base.

order Clomiphene 100mg online We have decreased Land Claim Radius so that players may be build within approximately 20 feet of each other. This allows players to band together and create their own towns or settlements larger than what would be allowed for a single player. This applies to Clans as well.

Also, the Knockout Time for thralls has been increased to the maximum setting, allowing players to drag thralls a long distance, even across water, to get them back to their base.

Again, please read the Building Rules on the Server Information page and ensure you are in compliance. After a grace period, any structures not within a player’s base may be deleted without notice. Thank you.