Becoming a Supporter

Running a game server like  Conan Exiles takes a lot of work and cost that may not be immediately apparent to casual players. As the server population grows, it becomes more work than a single person can handle. To this end, we’ve created the where can i buy tinidazole over the counter Agent of the Throne tag that will be awarded to special players who financially support the game, provide service and assistance above and beyond the normal player, or both.

The server Admin, and his assistants, are always watching players, and when we see one performing in such a capacity, we may award them the Agent of the Throne tag. You may also be awarded the tag by being a financial supporter. To provide financial support, use the Donate button on the right side of any page on this website. Any amount is welcomed and helps. If you donate enough, you will receive even more rewards, such as free signed eBooks or Paperback editions of some of Tom Fallwell’s books.

additional resources Agents of the Throne will also receive in-game benefits.