Game Features

where can i buy Pregabalin over the counter Savage Lands of Hyboria has game features that go well beyond what is available with an unmodified Conan Exiles game. We use mods that allow us to create our own, unique game world within the framework of Conan Exiles. While Conan Exiles is a game about survival and exploration, with the end game being to leave the Exiles Lands and end that game (your character is deleted and you must start over), Savage Lands of Hyboria is quite different. Here are some of the great features we provide on our game server.

Savage Lands of Hyboria is not a PvP game. There is no contention between players on our server. Instead, we focus on cooperative player interaction and adventures. To find out more, check out What is RP?

Players may earn different statuses in game, depending on achievements with quests and levels, or upon rewards granted to specific players that have shown outstanding support and assistance in the game. Currently, that system is hierarchical in nature, but that will soon change to a tag system.

Unlike Conan Exiles, our game server is filled with quests, and more are being created all the time. We have provided a Quest Journal on this site of certain quests. This may be replaced in the future by a mod that will help track Quests. Also, not that our quests are not like most MMOs. We have no map markers or in-game prompts that guide you. You must read each quests, and perform those quests as they are received. Trying to store up quests to do later will result in broken quests.

Players can build bases for themselves, and are only allowed one location per player (Admins and GMs may have multiple constructions through the game world). But each player is allowed to build a decent sized base, equivalent to a small town. We also offer housing units that can be purchased in boarding houses and linked to player bases.