City Homes & Stores

City Homes

buy brand name provigil online In Savage Lands of Hyboria, each player is allowed to build a modest base. Players can ban together into clans to build larger bases. In addition, a each player is allowed to have one single hut structure outside of any of the cities built by the server administrator. These huts cannot be larger than 4×4, and must be contained within the 4×4 allotment. No outside construction will be allowed.

order Clomiphene online cheap Each hut must be made from Simple Wood or from Sandstone only, to maintain the appearance of a common section of people around a city area. You maybe build whatever you want inside the hut. Additionally, if you have achieved Friend of the Throne status and own a normal base, you may request that a portal be setup in your base that will teleport you (free of cost) to the hut. Only one hut per player is allowed, and the hut must be outside the city walls.

City Stores

Clans (or players if not in a clan) can purchase a store front in the cities or towns to place a Thespian set as a Social Merchant. These NPCs can be stocked with items that can be sold to other players, then the clan (or player) can withdraw the coin their Social Merchant has earned for them. In this manner, players are encouraged to drive the economy of the game and earn coin from other players.

If you have a clan, or are a player without a clan, simply contact the server Administrator about setting up your own shop. Many structures are available for such use, and you can review them and their prices to choose the one that suits you or your clan best.