Player Tag System

A multi-player game is only as good as its players, and to that end, we encourage players to stick with us and to be helpful to others. A tag achievement system is set in place for this purpose. Here we will explain each achievement, the benefits of each, and how players can acquire them.


This is the normal rank that every player starts with. Players are allowed to build bases, within reasonable size limits, and to play on the server. The only requirement to remain a normal player at normal in good standing, is to login to the game server at least once per month. Also, do not start building and then leave it unfinished. Players will not be allowed to block game content for other players, or grab more than one piece of land for their base. You may, however, build temporary camps as you explore, in order to have a close place to resurrect in case of character death.

Friend of the Throne

The Friend of the Throne tag can be earned in game by completing a set of required quests and achieving level 30. Which quests will not be disclosed, but when you have reached level 30, speak with Aria Dawn, King Baric’s Chamberlain, in the throne room of his palace in the City of Haldyn. If you have met the quest requirements, Aria will award you the tag and inform you where to go to collect your reward. Friends of the Throne status grants the use of special items that can be used to enhance their base, as well as participate in special game features, such as Social Merchants and housing. They may also use the /warp command to teleport to a very limited number of locations. Use my link /list warps to see where you can warp to, and how much it costs.

Agent of the Throne

Running a game server isn’t free, nor easy. It takes a lot of work. Players who help support the game, financially, or as a special volunteer, can be granted this status which provides additional benefits not found elsewhere. To find out more, check the Becoming a Supporter page.

GM (Game Master)

A GM, or Game Master, is allowed to run their own stories and adventures within the framework of the game, and to schedule game sessions for other players. They will be able to use teleports to move themselves and other players around in the game world, and can reward players for good playing or successful achievement of adventure goals. To become a GM one must have demonstrated their creativity and willingness to help other players enjoy the game. GMs are appointed by the Server Admin.