New Social RP Event

Beginning Saturday, April 13th, we will begin a weekly Social RP Event from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM CDT every Saturday for players to simply gather together in-character and get to know each other. Drink, tell tales of your adventures, brag, boast; what ever you like. It’s all in fun. Each week we will meet at a different location, maybe even a player base. So come join the fun!

New Building Rules

Effective immediately, we have initiated new Building Rules for players on Savage Lands of Hyboria. Please read these rules and ensure you are in compliance. We are allowing a few days for players to bring buildings and constructions in line with the new rules. Specfically, those who have placed a Wheel of Pain at a location outside of their designated base.

We have decreased Land Claim Radius so that players may be build within approximately 20 feet of each other. This allows players to band together and create their own towns or settlements larger than what would be allowed for a single player. This applies to Clans as well.

Also, the Knockout Time for thralls has been increased to the maximum setting, allowing players to drag thralls a long distance, even across water, to get them back to their base.

Again, please read the Building Rules on the Server Information page and ensure you are in compliance. After a grace period, any structures not within a player’s base may be deleted without notice. Thank you.

Monthly Inactive Player Purge

Beginning April 1, 2019, Savage Lands of Hyboria will begin a monthly inactive player purge. Any player who has not logged in for 60 days or more will be removed, along with all their thralls and buildings. If you plan to keep your character and their belongings, please ensure that you login occasionally.

There is no decay or Purge on our server, so inactive players are taking up space that active players could use. The first purge of inactive players will happen April 1st, and on the first of each month thereafter.

New Player Tag System

When the next Pippi update is released, we will be moving from a heirarchal rank system to a player tag system. The current Ranks will be changed to new player tags.

All players begin with the Normal player tag. This simply means you can play in the game, build a base, and join in on adventures. The current rank of VIP will become the buy lasix overnight delivery Friend of the Throne tag. The rank of Supporter will become the cytotec for sale without prescription Agent of the Throne tag. We also may add more tags in the future. These changes will take affect with the next Pippi update.

Royal Quarter of Haldyn

The City of Haldyn has a new Royal Quarter, and King Baric has a new palace. The new quarter is now open, and features a new palace for the King, the new Gardens Boarding House, and a Royal Garden open to the public. The Garden is a great place for social RP, or just to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

The old Royal Quarter has been torn down and will be under construction to make new boarding rooms and houses for the future. If you need to talk to King Baric, or his Chamberlain Aria Dawn, you will find them in the palace at the southeast corner of the city. Enjoy!

New Name

Exiles Outpost is now Savage Lands of Hyboria. We’ve changed the name of our custom Conan Exiles game. Why? Well, when we started, it was only and Outpost, but has grown since then into an entire kingdom. So, we decided Savage Lands of Hyboria better fit what the game is all about. The Savage Kingdom is ruled by King Baric, and includes the desert, the jungle, and the north.

The City of Haldyn is the capital, and contains King Baric’s palace. The original Exiles Outpost still exists, and serves as it did before, an outpost in the desert area. In the jungle is Fort Sagur, a military expansion of Baric’s kingdom into the jungle area. In the northwest, the town of Westfold serves as a gateway to the north, and the village of Windholme can be found in the north near the Bridge of the Betrayer.

And, as always, more to come. The url to the website is now, but will still work and bring you to the correct site. At least, for many months it will continue, until the registration for that domain name runs out. But I recommend you update your bookmarks and links to point to the new url,

New Host and New Name

We have a new host for our game server, and a new name! The game is the same, and everything built is still there, but we have changed the server host and renamed the game server from “Exiles Outpost RP” to “Savage Lands of Hyboria”. The new host offers us much greater features and performance, as well as an additional 10 player slots, for a total of 30. We have been growing fast, and are pleased that players find our game enjoyable. Thanks to all the players for their continued support and patience as we move into the next stage.

Coming Soon: New Quest Hubs

Exiles Outpost already has a lot of quests, but more are on the way! Currently under construction are two new quest hubs, Westfold, in the northwestern part of the desert area, and Fort Sagur, in the jungle to the east. While Fort Sagur is just another small outpost, it will have merchants and quests related to the jungle, and that means pirates!

Westfold will be another quest hub that will act as a gateway to the north, with quests that will lead players into the frozen wastes and the land of the frost giants.

Both of these quest hubs are still under construction, but watch this site for news about new quests as they become available. Meanwhile, join us every two weeks, starting this Saturday, March 9, 2019, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM EST for a GM managed adventure that was started with King Baric in the desert city of Haldyn. Guided by the Grand Wizard Corwin, players will continue to seek the enigmatic priest, Chath’ben Varu, who worships an equally mysterious diety known as Mal Kudon. This is an RP/PvE ongoing adventure.

New Town of Westfold

King Baric has commissioned a local master builder, Dhurgan, to build the new town of Westfold in the savanah area far to the north of Sepermeru. This town will be a new quest hub that over time will be populated with people and quests. During this time of construction, Dhurgan has been authorized to contract local adventurers, as needed, to help clear wildlife in the area. Westfold will be a northwestern outpost of King Baric’s domain. Nay, more than an outpost, a fully functional town of the kingdom. Stay tuned for more news.