Server Information

Our server uses mods from the Steam Workshop to modify the base game for our purposes. Below are details on how to join our server, and some information about the server rules and a list of mods being used. Please read the rules of the server below. You will be required to accept these rules to play before you can create a character.

Server Details

Connection Information

can you buy accutane in mexico Server Name: Savage Lands of Hyboria
Server Mode: PvE (no conflict or PvP)
Game Type: Roleplaying
XP Rate: 2x
Max Level: 300

Items are not dropped upon character death, and only the player may loot their own corpse. Buildings do not decay and cannot be destroyed except by the owner or the Server Admin.

Mod List
  1. Emberlight
  2. Pippi – User & Server Management
  3. River_ Boatsof the_Exiled_Lands
  4. Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
  5. Savage Steel
  6. Dark Desires
  7. Fashionist
  8. WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
  9. Paragon – A Multigun Refresh
  10. Exiled_Lands_Improved
  11. Less Building Placement Restrictions – Overlaps Edition – No NPC Camps
  12. Better Thralls
  13. Jungle Building Set
  14. Stygian Building Kit
  15. DungeonMasterTools
  16. Niflheimr Minimap

Server Rules

The rules for this server are set by the Server Admin, and you must agree to these rules in order to play on this server. If you do not, or will not, agree with these rules, them you will not be allowed to play on this server. These rules are for everyone, to make the game a fun, enjoyable, and cooperative experience for all players.

  • This is an RP server. Players are not required to RP, but are encouraged to do so.
  • This is adventure RP. ERP will not be allowed. If you are looking for ERP, please look for another server.
  • Please keep language rated PG.
  • Character Names, Thrall Names, Pet Names, and Clan Names must be appropriate for an RP server. Crude or vulgar names are not allowed and using such names may get you banned from the server. Please use names appropriate for a role-play server.
  • There is an absolute zero tolerance policy on cheating, any offenders will be instantly banned, permanently.
  • Discriminating against other players for any reason or any other excessive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Be respectful of other players. Do not discuss politics, religion or other beliefs.
  • Common sense applies.
  • We are here to have fun. That means fun for everybody, not just yourself. Let’s have fun together.
  • All activity is subject to the approval of the Server Admin.

Building Rules

It is not our intention to count foundations, or measure bases in some way to limit what can be built. We have no problem with a player creating a fair-sized base, even a small town if they plan to have areas of it open to the player base. But we must provide some limitations in order to keep the game fair to all and to prevent players trying to claim everything. So, with that goal in mind, here are the few rules we are setting forth for player building.

  • Do not build on more than one location. If you want to move to a new location, you must tear down the old location as soon as possible to open that space for possible use by other players.
  • Do not use foundations or Wheels of Pain outside of your claimed land space. This means you cannot build your base in one location, and place any building items (including Wheels of Pain) in another location. If we find such extra placements, outside of your land, they are subject to immediate deletion. So please be kind and not grab more space than you need. We have increased thrall knock-out time to maximum, so you can drag your captured thralls anywhere, even through water. You can also use the /home command to take a captured thrall back to your base instantly.
  • The only exception to the above rule is that players will be allowed a single hut, constructed from either Simple Wood or Sandstone, outside the walls of a city. You may only have one hut per player, and it can be no larger that 4×4. No building outside of the hut is allowed. Friends of the Throne may also have a single Portal at your base that will allow you to teleport to your hut by a city.
  • Players can build quite close to each other, so players may band together and create towns or centers larger than a single player is allowed, even if not in the same clan. We encourage players to do so, creating population centers that other players can also enjoy. We have no strict limits on size, but ask that you be reasonable. A single player does not need a vast space for a private domain. Keep it all in context with role-play, please.
  • Player buildings may not block or otherwise obstruct game content in such a way as to prevent other players from accessing that content. This also means you cannot build in a way that will prevent world bosses from spawning, or that blocks access to dungeons, NPC camps, or other content created by the server administrator and assistants.
  • Players may NOT build in the volcano area. This area is reserved for future quests and Admin structures only.
  • Bedrolls, beds, or any other building pieces that are not part of the player’s base construction must not be left in the game world. Such items will be destroyed if left for more than a short period. We understand you want to re-spawn close to where you are exploring, and a temporary bedroll or bed is not prohibited, but you must pick up after you have finished. While we understand you forget at times, continued abuse of this rule will not be tolerated.

In-Game Inactivity

Our game server has a limited number of slots allowed for concurrent players. Conan Exiles doesn’t have a timer that logs players out automatically. For these reasons, any player who has been inactive for an extended period of time may be kicked from the server. This is not a ban, and you may login again, but we won’t allow players to use up player slots if they are not actively playing. Be kind to other players, and if you are not playing, please logout to make room for others. Thank you.

Inactive Player Purge

Savage Lands of Hyboria strives to keep its player base active. Inactive players will be purged to avoid the game world from being cluttered by unused buildings and thralls/pets. In order to keep your membership active, you should login to the game server at least once per month (30 days). Players that have been inactive for 30 days will be removed, along with all their posessions, if not in a clan. If they are a member of a clan, their posessions will be absorbed by the clan, unless they are the last member of the clan, in which case, all will be deleted.

The only exception to the above rule is if the player actively registers a Leave of Absence (LoA) by posting the details of their absence in the channel provided on Discord. Players must post the approximate period of time that they will be absent (no longer than 90 days). If the player is not heard from or logged into the game after 90 days, they will be removed. If the player returns, they must post their return in the Leave of Absence channel on Discord so they will be properly made active again by the administrator.

Server Ban

If you are banned from the server due to infractions against the rules and regulations, you may contact the server Administrator through direct message in Discord and plead your case. If it is judged to allow you to return to the game, the ban will be lifted. Keep in mind that players that have been inactive, including banned players, can still be purged for inactivity.

Joining Savage Lands of Hyboria

Our server is a private server. In order to play, you must first fill out  Join Our Server form and agree to the rules for this server. Then you must join us on Discord and speak to the server Administrator to complete the signup process.